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Do the glamping domes have heat? 

Yes, the dome has a ductless mini-split HVAC.Remeber the dome is going to be in the mid to high 60's in the winter. This is still glamping so come prepared. This is limited to increasing the inside temperature by 40-45 degrees from the outside temperature. The dome also has a space heater and heated blankets for those cold nights.  

Where are you located? 

Tennessee glamping is located between Nashville and Chattanooga. We noticed that the glamping in Chattanooga and glamping in Nashville were limited so we found propertie in the south cumberland mountains. This brings glamping near Chattanooga and glamping near Nashville. We're also expanding to other locations around Tennessee. 

Can we arrive at night? 

Yes, but we don't recommend it, the path to the dome has lighting but for your first time, we recommend arriving during the daylight. Although we dont recommend arriving at night wait until you see the star gazing from the deck. We recommend downloading the Night Sky X app for a romantic glamping evening. 

Are there any grocery stores nearby? 

No, the closest store is 30 minutes away in Manchester. Their is a Dollar General 10 minutes away for quick pickups. 

Can I pay in Cryptocurrency?

Yes, we are currently accepting payments via coinbase. You'll need to contact us so we can send the special payment request.

Does the shower have hot water?

Yes, the dome has a 50-gallon hot water heater, which is the same as a standard house. The difference from tent camping in tennessee and glamping in tennessee is the modern day amentiies that you get versus the roughing it experience. 

Is there firewood?

Although the domes are in the woods, finding dry wood to burn can be tough. We do offer firewood delivered to the dome for your stay. If you booked directly at this was offered, you can also add this on in the welcome packet you receive 30 days prior to your stay. ($15/for about 15 logs)

Do you have anything other than glamping domes? 

Currenlty we only have glamping domes but we're looking other glamping options such as Yurts, treehouses, star gazing bubbles, container houses, and other unique glamping experiences in Tennessee. If you have one of these or know someone that might want to join the Tennessee Glamping brand please let us know. 

Are these Yurts?

No these are Geodesic domes, although similar to yurts, they are more modern and offer better views from inside than a traditional yurt style glamping tent. 

Are you on Airbnb? 

Currently Tennessee Glamping airbnb is not available. We use to use airbnb but we've noticed that the fees they charged and limited communication didnt allow for the best glamping experience. 

Are you near the Smoky Mountains? 

Not currently, although we're looking to expand tennessee glamping in Gatlinburg at this moment we're focused on the more remote locations that give our a private glamping experience where they can relax and recharge. Smoky Mountain glamping sounds great but, would limit our ability to be open year round due to the much colder weather they get. 

Are you pet friendly glamping?

Yes, pets are welcome. Please make sure we know if you're bringing your pets.
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